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Instrument Gas Cylinder

We are famous in the market to offer a striking assortment of Instrument Gas Cylinder at nominal rates. While we excel in offering a qualitative range of products to our Indian and global clients, these products are in high demand, and we assure hassle free functionality, longevity, and trouble-free services. We are based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

Technical Details

Component Purity
Hydrogen 0.99999
Helium 0.99999
Nitrogen 0.99999
Argon 0.99999
Synthetic Air 0.99999
Methane 5% bal Argon
Methane 10% bal Argon

Lighting Gases

Lighting Gases
Argon Krypton
Neon Xenon

Pharma Gas

Pharma Gas
Hydrogen Chloride Methyl Bromide
Carbonyl Sulfide Iso - butylene
Butane Propane

Hydrocarbon Gases

Hydrocarbon Gases
Methane Ethane
Propane Butane
Pentane Heptane
Ethene Ethylene
Acetylene Butylene
N-butane Iso-butane
Iso-butylene 1,2 butadiene
1,3butadiene 1-butene
Cis-2-butene Trans-2-butene
Benzene Ethyl acetylene
Methyl chloride Methyl acetylene
Ethyl chloride Propylene
Propadiene Methyl bromide
Carbon monoxide  

Toxic Gases

Toxic Gases
Carbonyl sulfide Hydrogen chloride
Hydrogen sulfide Nitrous oxide
Nitrogen dioxide Hydrogen bromide

Inert Gases

Inert Gases
SF6 Deuterium
Neon Argon

Isotopic Gases

Isotopic Gases
Helium-3 Xenon-126
Xenon-129 Tritium

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