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Ethylene Oxide Gas Cylinder

To keep the clients happy, we offer a unique range of Ethylene Oxide Gas Cylinder at suitable rates. While we manufacture this product in the cleanest environment, it is appreciated in the market for its high strength and durability. The product, supplied by us, is in high demand, and we safely package it and timely deliver it to the clients. We are based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.


Details :

  • Ethylene oxide, also called oxirane, is the organic compound with the formula C2H4O.
  • This colorless flammable gas with a faintly sweet odor is the simplest epoxide , a three-membered ring consisting of two carbon and one oxygen atom.
  • Because of its special molecular structure, ethylene oxide easily participates in the addition reaction , opening its cycle, and thus easily polymerizes . Ethylene oxide is isomeric with acetaldehyde .
  • It is a strong poison to humans, showing carcinogenic, mutagenic , irritating and narcotic effects.


Uses :

  • It is also a common gas-phase disinfectant which is widely used in hospitals to sterilize heat-sensitive tools and equipment.
  • Ethylene oxide is industrially produced by direct oxidation of ethylene in the presence of silver catalyst
  • It is extremely flammable and explosive and is used as a main component of thermobaric weapons therefore it is commonly handled and shipped as a refrigerated liquid.

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