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Dry Ice

Due to the extensive support of our teammates, we have succeeded in delivering a diverse range of Dry Ice at affordable rates. While we offer dimensionally accurate products to our clients, this item undergoes a rigorous quality test to check its quality and other specifications. While this product promises high performance, it is easy to use. We are based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.


Specification :

Temperature : -78.50C (-1730F)

  • Free of Water
  • Non Conductive
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Non Toxic


Applications :

  • In-transit refrigeration of foods, ice cream, pharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive materials (like vaccines)
  • Process cooling during chopping/blending/mixing/mincing/grinding operations of meat.
  • Dry ice blasting cleaning system for moulds, machinery, buildings etc.etc.
  • Shrink fitting metal components for an interference fit e.g. axles into gear wheels
  • Production of fog effects for theatres, discos etc.
  • Quick and convenient source of inert gas for purging fuel tanks etc.
  • Freeze-branding livestock



  • Intensely very cold and hence contact with bare skin should be avoided
  • Carbon dioxide gas is heavier than air and is an ashyxiant - care should be taken to avoid accumulation at low levels or in confined spaces
  • Dry Ice must not be placed in tightly sealed containers. Sufficient care (ie) vents must be provided to allow the gas evolved to escape.


Colour Translucent White
Odour Slightly Pungent
Taste Acidic / Biting
Toxicity Recommended Max. 0.5% V/V For Continous Working Condition
Temperature Of Solid Dry Ice (-) 78.3 ° C
Sp. Heat Of Solid Dry Ice 0.32 Btu / ° F
Density 97.6 @ (-) 78.3 ° C
Vapour Pressure Of CO2 14.7 @ (-) 78.3 ° C
Latent Heat 246.7 btu / @ (-) 78.3 ° C
Sublimation Point (-) 78.5 ° C / (-) 109.2 ° F @ Atm. Pres.
Block Size 210 x 150 x 110 mm
Block Shape Brick Shape
Block Weight 5 – 6 Kgs
Mol. Weight 44.01
Sp. Volume 1m3 / 1500 Kgs.


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